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Cheers, GCDNUG members!

Well, it has certainly been a busy past few months! The release of VS 2013, XBox One, the November Code Camp-a-thons, and tons of Azure improvements has made for a busy couple of weeks and we are excited to get back into our meeting schedule. Seeing how I'm finally able to take a break from being a scurvy dog and assasinating people, let's get back to business!

As many of you may know, the GCDNUG moved on up to the East side last month when Bit-Wizards moved into their new building. While still in FWB, the new digs are a big step up from our previous location. The new building has tons of parking, no stairs to climb (unless you really want to), and bathromos that weren't outfitted in 1957. We will continue to spruce up the new building with great decor, stocked up drinks, and even some XBox One's to use!

"Uncle Eddie hopes you check out the new RV at the next meeting…"

This month’s meeting is another double-shot of awesomeness from Jerry Cox and Tyler Lesperance. Jerry will be covering lots of great info on unit testing within Visual Studio, including some basics and how-to’s to some real world scenarios. After that, Tyler will take us on a different course by helping us back-end .NET folk better understand JavaScript and leverage it within in our code. I’m sure you’ll find both topics very interesting and helpful.

Next GCDNUG Meeting
Unit Testing with VS 2012 / JS for Developers
12/11/2013 6:00 - 9:00 PM
Bit-Wizards Corporate Office 13 Memorial Parkway Fort Walton Beach, FL 32548 (map) * New Location!

Past Meetings
September 2013
Back to Basics / Big Data in Windows Azure (with video!)
Bryan will cover lots of topics and common mistakes, from string manipulation to inline SQL, as well as discuss any other ideas with the group as we all go back to Programming 101 and freshen our skills. Mark will present an overview of "Big Data" then delve into HDInsight, Microsoft Windows Azure’s "Big Data" solution.

July 2013
Designing for Windows 8
Taking inspirational cues from Bauhaus design, International Typographic Style, and cinematography, the Windows 8 UI design style brings an application to life while presenting content clearly and beautifully. This session is intended to help developers and designers understand the design concepts and basic building blocks of the Windows 8 user interface.  In this session, you will be introduced to the principles behind this design style and learn how to effectively apply these principles in your applications.

June 2013
Windows Azure (with video!)
Windows Azure Overview / Windows Azure Mobile Services

If you have an idea for a topic or would like to speak, let us know here.

New Windows Phone Apps by GCDNUG Members!
We recently had 2 GCDNUG members publish apps to the Windows Phone Store. If you have a WP device, be sure to check out these great apps:

Cross Check
Published by: Dave Perkins

Published by: Chris Duffy

Hope you and yours have a great Christmas and New Year!

"Spreading Christmas cheer…."

- Bryan

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