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Hello, Groupies!

Thanks to those who attended the September meeting, which featured a presentation from Bryan Soltis on "Back to Basics - A Guide to Better Programming" and myself delivering a "Big Data 101" presentation.  I hope everyone in attendance walked away in an enlightened state of nirvana and/or stuffed from pizza.  Also, kudos to the group for holding back on throwing tomatoes at me. 

Due to technical difficulty we were not able to record Bryan's presentation.  However, "Big Data 101" can be viewed via the following link: Big Data 101

Bryan and I are coordinating speakers for our next meeting, which will be held in November (details forthcoming).  While on the topic of speakers, I would like to stress that every member of the group is welcomed to speak at our meetings.  The Gulf Coast .NET Users Group benefits from the knowledge you share.  But what you may not realize is that you benefit the most from speaking.  How?
  1. Delivering a good presentation requires you to have a firm grasp of your material.  And unless your last name is Einstein, putting together a presentation will likely require a fair amount of research on your part.  As a result, you end up learning much more about your topic.
  2. Your presentation can lay the foundation for more formal speaking engagements.  In case you haven't noticed, our meetings are pretty casual.  Some of us even enjoy frosty beverages during the meetings.  The .NET Users Group meetings are the perfect environment for getting a presentation ready for prime time.  Some of the big names in our industry cut their presentation teeth at user group meetings.
  3. Develop your communications skills.  In a utopian world we could just code all day in our favorite language.  The reality is we often have to communicate with stakeholders.  Presenting helps you develop these skills.
  4. Speaking helps you market you.  Tweet about your presentation.  Post your presentation in your Linkedin profile.  Also, we post a recording of your presentation on the .NET Users Group website.  Think of it as free street cred in the industry.
Please let Bryan or I know if you are interested in speaking.  Please submit your topic here.

Past Meetings
September 2013

Back to Basics / Big Data in Azure
Bryan covered lots of topics and common mistakes, from string manipulation to inline SQL.  Mark presented an overview of "Big Data" and HDInsight, Microsoft Windows Azure’s "Big Data" solution.

July 2013
Designing for Windows 8
Taking inspirational cues from Bauhaus design, International Typographic Style, and cinematography, the Windows 8 UI design style brings an application to life while presenting content clearly and beautifully. This session is intended to help developers and designers understand the design concepts and basic building blocks of the Windows 8 user interface.  In this session, you will be introduced to the principles behind this design style and learn how to effectively apply these principles in your applications.

June 2013
Windows Azure (with video!)
Windows Azure Overview / Windows Azure Mobile Services

Upcoming Events

Visual Studio Live!
Orlando, Florida
November 18th - 22nd

See you at the nex meeting!  And stay thirsty, my friends....

Regards, Mark

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